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Electronic Portfolio

Course Objectives

As the final course in the web design sequence, this course will give students an opportunity to create and manage a complex web site in a manner as close to “real world” conditions as possible.

The course will also give students the opportunity to assemble a professional quality digital portfolio, showcasing their web and print work for stage, employment or access to university.

In this course, students will bring together and deepen their understanding of the techniques that they have acquired in their previous courses through the process of researching, creating, problem solving, maintaining and refining a complex web site.

In this course students will:

  • Create an effective followup design to the PDHT eportfolios from previous years. (Click previous years at top.)
  • Become more familiarized with the new standards in web design, namely HTML 5, JQuery and CSS 3.
  • Emphasize the distinction in between content and presentation.
  • Develop a web site using time-saving programming techniques.
    • We will use PHP Includes to more efficiently create web pages. Specifically, we will use REQUIRE not Include.
    • Make use of open source and public domain code projects such as the HTML 5 Boilerplate or the Modernizr script, among others.
  • Set up and maintain a site that adapts to different media.
    • Efficiently use CSS media types and CSS3 media queries to target diffferent style sheets to different media appliances (desktop/laptop browsers, smartphones, iPads, etc).
  • Optimize PDF and image content for efficient network delivery.
    • Repurposing of PDFs from print to web optimized.
      (Open PDF > Save as Postscript. Open PS file in Distiller with Smallest File Size option selected. Save PDF.)
  • Integrate notions of web programming.
    • Use programming techniques to solve browser compatibility issues.
    • Make effective use of javascript to enhance the user experience and solve layout issues.

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